Online Voting

Eliminate "reply all" email chains

Create a secure online voting record in your board portal.

Recording votes can be a tedious process, especially email votes. BoardSite eliminates those “reply all” email voting chains and gives your members a secure way to ensure their vote is recorded. (Your other board members will also appreciate no more “reply all” emails!) With BoardSite, you can conduct simple or more formalized voting through your board portal. You can notify members of new votes by email, and they can simply click to record their response. If the vote includes a resolution or related documents, you can link those to the vote record.


You can give assurance to your board and stakeholders that votes are secure. A complete list of member voting records is available with all votes. You can even see when a member’s vote was recorded and if they changed their vote. Once the voting deadline has passed you have a permanent record of that vote.

Voting records include a list of each member’s response, including the date and time they recorded their vote. Additionally, any linked documents are available on the voting page.

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