BoardSite Security

Board information is sensitive

Security and access control is essential in your board portal.

BoardSite was built from the ground up with security and access control in mind. Boards are very dynamic and have several layers of authority and information flow. BoardSite ensures that members have access only to the information they have a “need to know.” Access can be further restricted by using our available two-factor login authentication which works in conjunction with strong passwords to prevent unauthorized access to your board information. Finally, detailed logs are kept of user activities so you can quickly see what your members are doing with the BoardSite system.

Two-Factor Authentication

Using a strong password these days provides a good line of defense against unauthorized access. Mixing a strong password with a second factor, such as a text message or app-based authentication code, is much more secure. BoardSite supports two-factor authentication using an app-based or text message security code. You can require that your members use two-factor authentication to help prevent unauthorized access to sensitive board materials.

Members can designate a separate phone number, such as their personal cell phone, to receive login codes without revealing that phone number in the member directory.

Audit Logging

Every action in the BoardSite system is logged and tracked. Your BoardSite administrator will be able to access a full activity log that highlights all actions such as logins, votes, changed votes, RSVPs, and any other content updates. With this you can provide assurance to your stakeholders that you have a full log of board activities that you can back up with actual data.

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