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Ten Best Practices for Small Nonprofit Board Governance

May 4, 2023 Are you a member of a small nonprofit board looking to ensure that your organization operates at its best? Good Board governance is vitally important for your organization to run smoothly and achieve its objectives. This blog will provide an overview of 10 best practices for small nonprofit board governance that all board members should be aware

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How a Board Portal Keeps Board Members Engaged Between Meetings

Put yourself in the shoes of a board member for a moment. It’s been a busy month, dealing with career considerations, family obligations, and yes, sitting on the board for a non-profit organization. The board meeting approaches, but you’re digging through emails, unable to find the agenda. Worse yet, the board held an impromptu vote a week back and you

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Can you use Dropbox as a Board Portal?

It’s important for any board of directors to be able to communicate and share relevant documents between meetings. These days, many board members are geographically spread out and have very busy schedules. This means that they rely heavily on technology for communication. Many companies have been using Dropbox as a board portal. While Dropbox does have many helpful features, it

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How To Do Hybrid In-Person and Virtual Board Meetings

One of the biggest challenges for any board is to get all of your members in the same place at the same time for a meeting. It’s common for board members to be spread out in different cities and juggling busy schedules. The COVID-19 pandemic has also raised safety concerns, and many people now prefer to take meetings from home.

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