Board Meeting Viewer

Keep your members engaged in person and remote

Meeting Viewer lets your members participate and see your agenda and documents

Board meetings have a lot of moving parts. Your agenda keeps the meeting organized but your members need to be able to follow along — especially during a remote meeting. Meeting Viewer gives members the ability to follow your agenda, on a line-by-line basis, and open key documents along the way. If your meeting is remote, members can join and participate all from the same page!

Meeting Viewer is a great companion for in-person meetings and serves as a “hub” for members joining remotely.

Board Meeting Details

See all of the important meeting details in one spot, including other attendees and a link to join a virtual meeting. This works great with board meetings conducted over Zoom.


Video Call

If you are running a virtual meeting you can have the option of including the video call directly in Meeting Viewer so participants can follow along on the same page.



Your full meeting agenda is available for members to follow along with line-item detail. If there is a linked document members can quickly open and review that information during your meeting.


Documents & Document Viewer

Other linked documents are available for members to reference during the meeting. Members can quickly view PDFs, other documents, and spreadsheets right in Meeting Viewer without having to open another tab or program.



Members can participate in online votes before, during, or after board meetings.


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