BoardSite Pricing

Simple board portal pricing

No tricky formulas or pricing tiers. Just pay for what you use.

We built BoardSite to be accessible for boards of all sizes and to keep things simple. Our pricing is as easy as it can be. You only pay by the number of users you have. Board members, staff, committee members — anyone that needs to login, are all examples of users.


Every BoardSite organization gets access to our full feature set. If you prepay annually you can get our best rate. Otherwise, our very budget friendly monthly rate is an option for you.

How much would BoardSite cost for your organization? First, select an Annual or Monthly payment option. Then, select how many users will need access to your BoardSite board portal (include board members, staff, outside committee members, etc):

0 member
$ 0
0 member
$ 0

BoardSite Board Portal Pricing

Price per user (Board Member, Staff, Committee Member, etc)
$ 6 per month/user
  • Board Meeting Viewer
  • Agenda & Minutes Builder
  • Meeting Calendar & Viewer
  • Online Voting
  • Document Manager
  • Committee Pages
  • Mobile Apps

Pricing is simply based on the number of users and whether you pay monthly or annually. Here are some examples of monthly vs annual costs based on different size organizations. Keep in mind that you can add/remove users at any time. If you are on our annual plan your bill will simply be pro-rated based on changes to your number of users.

Board portal pricing for nonprofit and small business board of directors portal
Examples of BoardSite pricing based on monthly versus annual payment plans.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I add or remove users at any time?

Yes, if you are paying monthly your next month invoice will be adjusted to whatever your new user count is. For example, if you were at 10 users and you added two, your next month invoice will increase to 12 users.

I am on the annual plan. What happens if I add new users?

Your next annual invoice will include pro-rated adjustments based on when you added, or removed, new users. For example, if you started the year with 10 users but you add five (5) new users in the middle of the year, your next invoice will include a pro-rated charge for the time the additional users were added.

If I cancel, what happens to my data?

You can cancel at any time. We will maintain your account in an inactive status in the event you re-activate your account. You can download your documents and pages through the board portal, or we would be happy to prepare an export for you.

If you raise prices in the future, what happens to my plan?

As long as you remain on the same plan, we will honor your existing price. If we offer additional features or pricing plans in the future, you would be able to switch to them but at the new pricing.

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