Committee Pages

Your committees work hard: Give them the tools they need.

Committee pages include the same tools as the full board: meetings, votes, and documents.

Committees are the lifeblood of most boards where a lot of day-to-day work between board meetings gets done. With BoardSite your committees will have access to all of the same powerful tools that your full board enjoys. Committees have their own meetings, votes and even documents.


Access and “need to know” is central to the BoardSite platform. Committee pages are only accessible by committee members. You can even invite non-board members who serve on your committees and they will only see committee content. You can easily delegate committee assignments and empower your committee chair(s) to manage their own committee pages.

For example: you have an outside auditor who is a member of your finance committee. You can add them as a “committee only” member who will only have access to your finance committee materials.

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